What's Protein Science?
Expedite your drug discovery project with a continuous supply of high quality protein by accessing over 20 years of scientific expertise in protein production, you can be sure that your key target protein meets the desired unique requirements and specifications. For each family i.e. kinases, DNA- and RNA- modifying enzymes, membrane proteins, etc. Gain access to our established systems, strategies and valuable experience that address even the most significant challenges of recombinant protein production.
What's DEL Screening?
DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) technology involves a novel affinity selection process that integrates chemistry, biology, bioinformatics and computational chemistry to facilitate a rapid drug discovery process, allowing access to more chemical space with lower cost.
In contrast to high throughput screening, DEL requires a very small amount of target protein and minimum assay development. More importantly, it disrupts the concept of "cost-per-well" and allows testing billions of compounds in one tube.
What's FBDD?
• Efficient sampling of chemical space: ~3100 WuXi AppTec fragments
• Automated screening (MST/Dianthus, SPR, DSF/nanoDSF)
• Fragment screening via X-ray or NMR
What's Biophysics or Biochemistry?
Diverse technology platform facilitates target validation, enables fast hit finding, hit confirmation, and supports lead series optimization.
Over 10 biophysical methods available: Affinity, thermodynamics, stoichiometry, kinetics, thermal & chemical stability, aggregation
HTRF, TR-FRET, AlphaScreen, various biochemical assays (luminescence, fluorescence, colorimetric read-out)
What's Crystallography?
Comprehensive structural generation solutions for today´s challenging targets provide insights and data to support hit finding through to lead optimization.
XPRESS service provides fast insight into the binding mode of your proprietary compound. XPEDITE service aims to provide you with rapid access to crystal structures of previously crystallized constructs with your ligands of interest.
Under XPERT services we offer customized structural biology solutions for your challenging targets, using either crystallography, Cryo-EM or NMR.
What's SBDD?
Structure-based drug design (SBDD) is the design and optimisation of a hit or lead compound using structural information obtained from either X-ray crystallography, cryo-EM or NMR.
What's Antibody Science?
High-quality biological reagents and tools which are essential in a wide range of fields and applications including drug discovery and basic research.
• Primary antibodies includingmonoclonals, polyclonals, conjugated primary antibodies, ADA, Nab
• Host Cell Protein(HCP) Antibody, 2D WB or AAE Validation
• ELISA Kit, IHC Companion Diagnostic Kit, HCP Kit
What's DELpro
DELpro solution provides a one-stop serveric from target to hit series. Our extended platform enable overall planning and management of protein production, DEL library production, affinity selection, data analysis, hit validation and structure biology for further optimization.
Ready to go protein & science
Catalog antibody
Complete confidentiality of target information
Compatible with computational tools
Well-balanced chemical space
Fast turn-around
Free access
Data sharing
Compatible with computational tools
Well-balanced chemical space
High Sensitiviy
High Coverage
High Recovery
Established Assays: Optimized assay conditions
Flexible: Single/multiply assay in parallel
Cost-effective: Low budget, high quality data
Fast turn around time: Up to 2 weeks
Fast Delivery
High Quality
About HitS
WuXi AppTec HitS unit provides one-stop Target-to-Hit services that enable companies in the pharmaceuticals, biotech and academics worldwide to seek premium drug discovery. As an innovation-driven and customer-focused unit, WuXi AppTec HitS helps our partners improve the productivity of advancing hit discovery through high-quality and cost-effective solutions. With cutting edge in protein science, antibody science, DNA-encoded library technology, biophysics and structure-based drug design, WuXi AppTec HitS is committed to driving toward the realization of the vision that "every drug can be made and every disease can be treated".
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