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Our Team
Management Team
Letian Kuai Ph.D.
Vice President
Head of WuXi Biology,
Head of HitS
11+ yrs experience on DEL at GSK Experienced in biology, informatics and drug discovery
Dr. Wenji Su
Senior Dir.
Head of HitS China,
Head of China R&D
4+ years of experience on DEL, prior experience at GSK
10+ years of experience on biochemistry, cell and molecular biology
Dr. Alex Satz
Senior Dir.
Head of HitS Europe,
Head of HitS Chemistry
15+ years of experience on DEL, prior experience at Roche, GSK, Praecis, AstraZeneca
20+ years of experience in organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry
Science Team
Dr. Thomas Meins
Head Dept. Protein Production
11+ yrs Crelux GmbH
2 yrs Sanofi R&D, France
20+ yrs  drug target prod.
Recognized Expert for Membrane
Proteins, Protein complexes, Iso-tope labelled Proteins.
Dr. Moran Jerabek-Willemsen
Head of Biophysics & Screening
4+yrs Crelux GmbH
10+yrs NanoTemper Technologies
20+yrs developing MicroScale
Thermophoresis and nanoDSF technologies
Dr. Ingo Korndoerfer
Head of Crystallography
13+ years Crelux GmbH
19+ leading protein crystallography teams and facilities
30+ years experiences in protein crystallography
Dr. Hongfang Yang
Senior Dir.
11+ years of experience on DEL, prior experience at GSK, Organix
20+ years of experience in organic chemistry
Dr. Peng Wang
Senior Dir.
Head of Antibody
7+ yrs experience on Antibody at WuXi AppTec
2+ yrs experience on Antibody at Roche
1 yr experience on Cell biology at Crownbio
Technical Team
Library Production
Affinity Selection
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WuXi AppTec HitS unit provides one-stop Target-to-Hit services that enable companies in the pharmaceuticals, biotech, and academics worldwide to seek premium drug discovery.
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