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Developed 3,000+
proteins and 20,000
50 days for
polyclonal antibody
100 days for
monoclonal antibody
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Whole Process of antibody development
  • Solubility, immunogenicity, epitope analysis
  • peptide design
  • Plasmid design
  • peptides synthesis
  • from mg to gram,
  • from crude to 99% purity
  • Conjugation with carrier protein
  • 3000+ recombinant proteins
  • E.coli, yeast, insect cell, mammalian cell certified
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  • >30,000 m2
  • hosts mouse, rabbit, rat, guinea pig, pig, goat, sheep, dog, monkey, etc.
  • AAALAC, OECD, FDA and NMPA certified
  • Conjugation with carrier protein
Polyclonal antibodies (PAb)
  • >1,500 Pab yearly
  • Custom PAb from gene ID to Ab in 3 months
  • 20k+ catalog PAbs
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Monoclonal antibodies (MAb)
  • Mouse or Rat Mab
  • HTP Automatic screening Roller bottle and
  • Wave bag culture
  • >500 MAbs yearly certified
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Clinical Apps
  • Antibody Hits
  • Non-GLP production
  • Diagnostic reagents and kits
  • IHC/ICC & kits
  • ELISA & kits
  • Western blotting
  • Immunoprecipitation
  • Confocal IF
  • Flow cytometry
Reagents for large molecule bioanalysis
Recombinant proteins
Expression systems for recombinant protein include E.coli, yeast, insect and mammalian cells
Host cell


  • pET-21/22/28
  • pPICK9K; pPICZa
  • Bacmid; pFastBac
  • pcNDA3.4; pcDNA4.0
  • pOptiVec
  • pFuse
  • E.coli: BL21; Rosetta
  • Yeast: Pichia pastoris
  • Insect: Sf9; DH10Bac
  • Mammalian:
    Expi CHO; Expi 293; G44
  • Flask
  • Wave bag
  • From 50ml to 50 liters
  • Ni2+Affinity
  • GST
  • Prote in A/G
  • lon exchange
  • Gel filtration
  • Hydrophobic
Polyclonal antibody
Monoclonal antibody
Antibody pair against Exenatide
Monoclonal neutralizing anti-drug antibody
Anti-ID (idiotypic) Mab in house:
Humira, Avastin, Herceptin, Erbitux, Remicade, Rituxan, Perjeta, Actemra, Xgeva, Eylea
Antibody against small molecules
CDx, PD-L1 IHC Kit
QC of Procedure
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