DELFinder helps Janssen R&D team publish DEL-related article in the journal ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters

Recently, DELFinder——a DEL-related online database has helped Wolkenberg's team from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc to complete a search of DEL-related publications, and the result was successfully published in the journal ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters.

DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) technology is a novel affinity selection technology that integrates chemistry, biology, bioinformatics and computational chemistry to facilitate a rapid drug discovery process, allowing access to more chemical entities with lower cost, which has been increasingly seeking after by academic and industrial drug developers in the past 20 years.

Since DEL technology is an innovation product of multidisciplinary, searching relevant literature through mainstream databases will encounter a lot of interfering information, and it is difficult to find useful information to understand and learn DEL technology.

DELFinder was officially launched On January 3rd, 2020. As a DEL-related online database developed by WuXi AppTec DELopen team, DELFinder aims to provide several useful tools to help new drug discovery researchers to search the desired DEL technology related literature or reports quickly and accurately just by filters.

Recently, Wolkenberg's team from Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc has completed a search of DEL-related publications by DELFinder and successfully published the paper in the journal ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters [1].

In this review article, the author reviews published hit-to-lead optimization studies following DEL screens. Trends in molecular property changes from hit to lead are identified, and specific optimization tactics are exemplified in case studies, including the case of BRD4、DDR1、BETm and other 3 well-studied targets. Across the studies, physicochemical property and structural changes post-DEL screening are similar to those which occur during hit-to-lead optimization following high throughput screens (HTS). However, the author concludes that unique aspects of DEL the combinatorial synthetic methods which enable DEL synthesis and the linker effects at the DNA attachment point impact the strategies and outcomes of hit-to-lead optimizations.

Notably, both SciFinder and DELFinder were employed to identify DEL hit-to-lead publications, while DELFinder from DELopen platform was searched for studies which fall within the publication years 2016-2020.

Dr. Wolkenberg highly endorses the DELFinder search engine and DELopen platform which were developed and operated by WuXi AppTec HitS unit, he said: “DELopen is a great resource and we appreciate the effort made by the WuXi AppTec team to build and maintain it.”

About DELFinder

DELFinder is the first DEL-related online database developed by WuXi AppTec DELopen team, which aims to provide several useful tools to help new drug discovery researchers to search the desired DEL related literature or reports quickly and accurately just by filters.

DELFinder contains all published DNA-Encoded Library Technology related papers, patents, books, theses, conference papers, news, clinical trial reports, etc. Researchers can quickly and accurately search the desired DEL literature or reports by filters, original links are provided [2].

To meet the needs of global research users, DELFinder has been continuously upgraded and iterated. The search interface of the latest version of DELFinder 2.0 not only displays the article information, but also lists the related DEL library, DEL hit, DNA-compatible chemistry and other information with concise illustrations to assist users to quickly understand the article.

The latest version DELFinder 2.0 truly allows users to easily grasp the key information of each literature without logging in and reading the original text, which greatly shortens turn-around-time for retrieving the target literature [3]. In addition, the recommendation index in DELFinder 2.0 also provides users with a convenient way to filter the most cutting-edge and high-quality DEL research results worldwide [3].

About DELopen

DELopen is a platform initiated by WuXi AppTec Co. LTD and academia / institutions dedicated to the development and application of DEL Technology. The goal of the platform is to provide free access of DEL libraries owned by participating partners to academic users for hit-to-lead research in drug discovery. DELopen envisions that the new platform provides full protection of intellectual properties for both user and technology provider and will unlock the true potential of DEL technology.

The self-service "DELopen Kit", which relies on the DELopen platform, is an open-source DEL screening service launched by WuXi AppTec HitS Unit in December 2018. Up to now DELopen Kit has provided more than 4.4 billion compounds and 30 DEL libraries for more than 100 academic institutions worldwide, enabling fast hit finding and the subsequent drug development work efficiently [4].

The DELopen project was recognized by China CSR Excellence Case Evaluation which initiated by the SiMUN CSR Promotion Center with academic support with the 5th "Social Value Co-creation" Excellence Award, for its unmatched breadth of expertise in facilitating DEL technology with a global footprint, keen interaction focus, and open-source solutions.



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